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Our Virtual Studio

Coming Soon...


"No man is an Island"

- Ben Howard

Reflecting back on the past few months of uncertainty, loss, lack of physical contact and studio closures, I wanted to reach out and create an online place to show up for ourselves; and in doing so, we show up for the collective.

In these times we need to support our consciousness community, share our thoughts, knowledge and and guide each other through these struggles and turmoil by immersing ourselves in our practice.


2021 is set to be the year of online communities and home practicing and I'm looking forwards to creating a landing pad to gather up our deep strength and emerge stronger than before. 

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Please feel free to check out some of my personal favorites currently offering their services online by donation:

Jed Fox 

Omassim Guesthouse

Mel Davenport Yoga
Bella Daniels

Check out our other services HERE...

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